Inexplicable Cruelty

Some of the things I have seen Mossad do, can only be explained by saying their agents are sick. No normal person can do some of the things I have seen Mossad do. And, like explained previously, these cruel and sick Mossad tactics are better left unsaid.

However, sometimes it is necessary to give a glimpse into certain Mossad tactics, as long as I can frame the incidents in such a way that no innocent person is identified. One such sick incident happened sometimes back.

I was perusing a Kenyan website when I saw an X-rated photo that resembled very closely to a person known to me. Obviously, I won’t even give a hint about how I know the person, or the person’s gender.

I could clearly tell that the photo was genuine. Not photoshop.

That photo looked out of place, like it was placed there deliberately so some targeted person could see it. Because of Mossad’s activities against me over the years, I assumed that the photo was most likely placed there because of me – so I could see it.

I knew Mossad knew I visited that Kenyan website regularly. Given the technology at their disposal, it would also be possible for them to know whether I had seen the photo or not, even if I used VPN/tor.

I looked at that photo closely, and the more I looked at it, the more I was certain it was an extremely embarrassing photo of the person known to me.

I did not download the photo, obviously. The next day, I went to that Kenyan website again, opened the page I had seen the photo, and it was still there. They removed it after several days.

There was no story accompanying the photo. Nothing.

From my experiences with Mossad, I was certain the photo was meant for me. To try and make me depressed.

Although the person in the photo was directly facing the camera, I was sure the person did not knowingly pose for the photo. I believe that the person was drugged, and the compromising photo taken without the person knowing what was going on.

Nowadays, we have seen in the media stories about people’s drinks getting spiked, and a person willingly gives their ATM cards and passwords, and does whatever they are told. And when the drug wears off, they remember nothing.

I believe this is the drug that was given to the person known to me. I believe it is very likely that the person does not know such a thing ever happened – that there are some people possessing the person’s X-rated photos.

Very cruel. Very sick.

Imagine all the planning involved in this cruel activity. And all so that I can eventually see the photo, and then what? Sometimes I don’t understand certain Mossad actions. Ok, I have seen the photo, and I have felt very disgusted. But I also know it is not something that can be reversed.

Since Mossad agents couldn’t have taken the picture themselves, they must have hired Kenyan Private Investigators or some other Kenyans to do it for them. What I know is that the people hired by Mossad to commit that very cruel act, would be shocked to know they were working for Mossad.

Knowing how Mossad operates, it is very possible that the Kenyans who were hired to do that very cruel and sick act, were convinced somehow to believe it was just a practical joke, and the photos wouldn’t be seen by anyone else, apart from the person who hired them…

Like I have written in the previous article, Mossad hates me because they believe I know their secrets, yet they are the ones who make me know about their secrets in the first place.

For instance, from this sick and cruel photo, I discovered that Mossad have control of that Kenyan website. Otherwise, how would the photo have been uploaded to the site? The only person who could do that had to be very senior, with access to top management passwords.