Too Close For Comfort – Part II

I have previously written about how a Mossad Robot rented the house opposite mine, then after a few months moved to another address on the same street, 2 houses down the road.

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Well, I later realised that another Mossad Robot occupied the house across the street from mine i.e. A Mossad Robot left the house for another Robot to occupy, while he moved 2 houses down the road.

This means that I have 2 Mossad Robots surrounding me: One adjacent to me (2 houses away), and the other directly opposite.

I also stated that the 1st Mossad Robot had a dog. I later discovered that, the dog was very highly trained. At first, I thought it was odd that the dog would bark at me sometimes, yet at other times it wouldn’t bark at all.

One day, the dog acted in a manner that made me believe that the owner was controlling its behaviour using some type of dog whistle that was inaudible to humans.

I reported him to the authorities.

Since then, I have not had any encounters with the dog.

(NB: I believe that the Mossad Robot with the dog didn’t expect an African to know that dogs can hear sounds we humans do not hear. Pure racism.

In fact, the reason I have come to know so many of Mossad tactics, is because they have under-estimated me. Can’t complain about that, because, if they didn’t under-estimate me, I would be dead)

Back to the Mossad Robots.

I have stated in a previous article how Mossad set up my neighbour from across the road, so he could be kicked out of his house. They did that so their agent/robot could occupy that house.

It puzzled me why Mossad so desperately wanted to have their agent/robot as my neighbour. Previously, they seemed content to have a clue-less associate as my neighbour.

It appeared that, this time, they didn’t want to entrust a clue-less associate, but had to have a Mossad agent/robot as my neighbour. Why?

I have finally discovered why.

In the past 4-6 months, my house and yard have been infested by more than a dozen different types of pests. I have applied all the pesticides I could find in the hardware store. But the pests, though reduced, have proved impossible to eliminate.

I had pest experts come to the house and check what could be the problem. They couldn’t find any reason why pests couldn’t be eliminated from our home by use of normal pesticides.

Also, a section of my house has been producing a very pungent smell, at random.

Plumbers have checked and found nothing.

What other conclusion can I make?

I know it is all caused by the Mossad agents/robots surrounding me. Unfortunately, as always, I have no evidence.

My only evidence is, why is Mossad so DESPERATE to have their agents/robots as my neighbours?

Dr. David Russell-Weisz

Dr. David Russell-Weisz started working as WA Director General of Health in August 2015. Shortly afterward, Mossad took complete control of Perth, Western Australia-based Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, SCGH.

Dr David Russell Weisz
Dr David Russell Weisz

It is obvious that Dr. D.J. Russell-Weisz is:
1. An agent of Mossad, the Israeli spy agency.
2. Very senior in the Mossad hierarchy in Australia.

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Today Mossad Got Me

I always try to avoid having a fixed routine, because I know Mossad would take advantage to terrorise me. However, sometimes it is extremely difficult to avoid a pattern, especially when you have kids.

So, today I picked my child from school. Child insists on a specific food item from a specific fast food chain. I drove to the nearest drive-thru take away, a place I go to frequently, mostly after picking up child from school.

A car was parked right next to the drive-thru. When my car approached, the parked car started and drove ahead of me to the food ordering window.

Wha transpired next left me in no doubt that they had planned their plot perfectly, and had been waiting for me.

Unfortunately for me, there was no car behind me, because if there was, their plot may have failed.

The plot involved the girl at the cashier, the driver of car in front of me, and a man who appeared to be the fast food restaurant manager.

The car in front was being driven by a lady. She gave her order, then drove to the cashier window. I then drove forward and gave my order. Then I headed to the cashier window.

But the car in front was still at he cashier’s, the driver apparently searching for her credit card.

So, I waited. And waited. And waited.

The car in front was still at the cashier’s. The cashier was talking on her phone excitedly. I hit my horn. Cashier looked at me and continued talking on the phone.

Lady in front also continued to pretend to be searching for her card. They were actually laughing…


I knew then it was all a plot. By Mossad.

Normally, if there was a problem, a customer is advised to go park at the waiting bay, to avoid inconveniencing other customers.

Unfortunately for me, there was no car behind me. So they had nothing to worry about. It was their lucky day.

And when the car in front drove forward, and I approached the cashier’s, there was the cashier (a girl) and a young guy, who I assumed to be the manager. Their behaviour told me they were proud of inconveniencing me.

I gave them a piece of my mind.

Mossad likes these kind of plots where it is impossible to prove their culpability. For instance, they could claim the eftpos broke down…

Obviously, I can never go to that fast food place. Today, Mossad won.

I believe they had planned that, they would delay me as long as it takes for me to lose my temper. If it took a whole hour, so be it. They didn’t even attempt to hide the fact that they were delaying me deliberately.

They were proud of what they were doing.

Mossadd’s Objective

What is Mossad’s objectives in planning such a plot against me?

1. They know I will get very upset. An upset person can make other mistakes e.g. not be careful when driving.

After I paid at the cashier, they brought me my order, and the car in front was still blocking the way, at the next window. The only way for me to exit was to reverse, and probably hit the car behind me (by this time, a car had come to the ordering window behind me).

Anyway, I reversed a bit, and climbed over the kerb (very rough drive), since that was the only way to exit. Finally, I managed to exit.

2. Hope springs eternal. They would also hope that I could become too upset, get out of the car, and do something that I would regret later.

That didn’t happen, but they cannot stop hoping that it might happen.

Breaking Routines

This is not the first time Mossad has plotted to have me be delayed deliberately at a store or fast food joint, or some other business. However, today’s is their most successful plot.

Many of their similar plots have not been as successful. For instance, if they are using only Unknowing Associates (and here), the Unknowing Associates may not extend the delay as happened today.

Furthermore, if, say, the manager is not part of the plot, and he notices someone staying so long at the cashier, he would get involved and tell the person to drive on, to be served at the waiting bay.

Today’s plot became very successful for Mossad because the fast food/drive-thru manager is a Robot (and here).

Mossad has been on my case for so long such that I can identify a Mossad Robot, and differentiate between a Mossad Robot and a Mossad Unknowing Associate.

Mossad Unknowing Associates are only motivated by money. They therefore sometimes make silly mistakes, or fail to carry out instructions properly. Robots, on the other hand, are motivated by a belief.

Mossad Robots do their job as if their entire life depends on it.

I know the manager is a Robot because he is the one I exchanged words with, and therefore got to look at him closely, and also study his general mien. I didn’t get a clear look at the cashier, so I don’t know whether she is a Mossad robot or an Unknowing Associate.

As for the lady driver in front, she was in the car, so obviously I didn’t get to look at her closely, so I also don’t know whether she is a Mossad robot or an Unknowing Associate.

However, the way they executed the plot, it is very likely that either one or both the lady driver and the girl cashier is a Mossad Robot.

NOTE: If Mossad Robots are so efficient, and Unknowing Associates not very efficient, why does Mossad then use Unknowing Associates, why not use Robots only?

Because if Mossad only used Robots, it would be too obvious, and eventually it would cause them problems. Therefore, they have to balance, by using Unknowing Associates whenever possible, and hope that they will not mess the plot.

In any case, sometimes the Unknowing Associates execute good plots for Mossad, depending on circumstances.