Kenyan Private Investigators, Spies and Baits

“Ok, so Mossad has declared you their no. 1 enemy. You must have done something very bad…There are billions of people in the world, why you?” A reasonable person would probably ask this question.

If I was not the one targeted by Mossad, I would also probably ask the same question.

I have explained why Mossad targeted me, though it is not the kind of explanation someone might expect. To understand why Mossad targeted me, one needs to first understand that the WORLD IS NOT THE WAY IT LOOKS; There are two worlds out there.

Something many people do not know; You could be at home minding your own business, while half across the world, very powerful people are very mad at what you are doing at home. Yet you have no clue that what you are doing at home could be annoying anyone.

Example: You could be at home working on a new microblogging platform. You are making the platform, planning to then promote it among your friends. You hope that it could eventually grow and become a good source of income.

However, because the internet is the way it is, there are powerful people far away, who have become aware that you are planning to start a microblogging platform. Unbeknown to you, these powerful people are so angry with you, they are asking: “Why is he creating the platform? Is Twitter not enough? Who does he think he is?”

And just like that, you become a marked man.

What else could you have done differently?

Kenyan Private Investigators

Because Mossad agents couldn’t go around in Kenya asking questions about me, they had to depend on Kenyan Private Investigators and other people locally. Obviously, they couldn’t identify themselves as Mossad when inquiring about me.

They probably used this kind of tactic: “A certain Australian company wants to promote this Kenyan man to a very senior position. But before they do that, they want to confirm A, B, C…”

Mossad also did the reverse of the above, where they used Kenyan Private Investigators and other people locally to spread lies about me.

This, however, does not mean that I hold any grudge against Kenyan Private Investigators and other people used by Mossad in their plots against me. I know Mossad is the most duplicitous agency in the whole world.

Deceiving and using people is their business. I have seen Mossad manipulate good people to do very evil things. That is why I wouldn’t blame anyone used by Mossad against me, because they didn’t know they were being used by a malicious organisation, and they also did not know what they were doing was wrong.

However, anyone used by Mossad against me, if they are good people, they should reverse what they did e.g. If you now know you were used by Mossad to tell a certain person something about me, then you should tell that person that you have now realised the information you gave him about me was not true.

This can be done anonymously, if necessary.

If I told someone that Mossad can manipulate him and make him to willingly cook grass and eat it with ugali, he would probably say that is impossible. Yet, I have seen Mossad make a whole university lecturer – a highly trained doctor, no less – act like a 10 year-old child.

I will not write about what I saw that highly trained doctor do, but it was a very juvenile act. Not something you would expect an adult or any self-respecting person to do.

Actually, because of Mossad targeting me for so long, I believe I know how they manipulate people, and make them do things a normal person is not expected to do. The reason I believe I know how they do it is because, obviously, they have tried to manipulate me, and failed.

The reason they fail to manipulate me and succeed in manipulating other people is not that I am better than anyone else, it is that I know there are powerful people who desperately want to destroy me, so I am always very careful.


Mossad loves baiting people. I cannot count the number of baits Mossad have laid for me to bite over the years. The thing with bait (or trap) is that, you either take the bait and suffer the consequences, or avoid the bait, and the person who laid the bait will know that:

(a) You have suspected you were being baited, and
(b) You suspect someone is after you.

Because Mossad knows I know they are obsessed with destroying me, every time they lay a bait for me, and I don’t take it, they know I know Mossad was behind it. If the bait involved a criminal act, then they know I know they do commit that particular criminal act if necessary in order to achieve their missions.

That makes Mossad hate me even more. Yet, I had no choice but to avoid the bait.

Through these Mossad tactics, I have come to know about things I would never have known about. Things I wish I never knew about.

For instance, I have come to know about a very crucial advantage Mossad has over everyone else. Mossad knows I know about this secret. Yet, I never set about to find this secret. I was just minding my own business when Mossad decided to bait me using this secret advantage they have.

I didn’t take the bait, but I came to know about the secret. A secret that gives Mossad a massive advantage over their adversaries.

Unfortunately, I cannot write about this Mossad secret because this website would automatically be taken offline. That is how sensitive the secret is.

What surprises me is that, I see online some people who know about certain Mossad’s criminal tactics, yet I have never seen anyone, not one person, not even people who know that Mossad is a criminal organisation, who knows about this Mossad secret. Amazing.


In 2014, I decided to politely let Mossad know that I know they are the ones terrorising me. I wrote a small book – in the form of an Android app – about what was going on, without directly mentioning Mossad, out of respect and humility.

I was hoping that Mossad would see my respect and humility towards them (by choosing not to identify Mossad in the book), sympathise with me, and leave me alone.

I also did not use any real names in the book, using pseudonyms instead. I wanted Mossad, and other interested persons to know that I knew what was going on, and that all I wanted was to be left alone. I was hoping that, once Mossad realised I knew exactly what was going on under the radar, they would stop their evil plots against me.

I was wrong.

The Android App/Book is available on Google Play……It is called THE M VENDETTA.