Just Another Statistic

I have previously explained the tribulations I went through while working at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, SCGH (also here). I later discovered that the person leading the attack against me was none other than the head of all health services in Western Australia, Wa Health CEO, Dr David Russell-Weisz (also here).

Eventually, Mossad forced me out of SCGH.

I figured that, since Dr D.J. Russell-Weisz, as the head of Mossad activities against me while I was employed by WA Health, was directly responsible for me losing my job, I would make him my professional referee in my CV. I also emailed him, and very humbly and respectfully, informed him that I had added him as my professional referee in my resume.

A few months later, I was offered a job by Sodexo, a multi-billion dollar company that operates in many countries around the world, including Australia. What was interesting about this job offer was that:

1. I had not applied for it.
2. It was a FIFO job. FIFO (Fly-in fly-out) jobs are very lucrative, with pay usually 2-3 times the pay of similar non-FIFO job. FIFO jobs in Western Australia are typically based in remote areas of the state (towns very far from Perth).

You fly to the remote location/city, work for 2 weeks, then fly back home to Perth, or another city in WA, or in other Australian states. After 2 off-weeks, you fly back to work (2 weeks on, 2 weeks off).

Because of the huge pay and other benefits, these jobs are extremely competitive. Many people apply for these jobs, but only a few make it to the interview stage.

Yet, here I was, being offered an FIFO job that I had not applied for.

Anyway, I sent them my CV, with Dr D.J. Russell-Weisz as my referee. I was curious. Would the good doctor recommend me for the job?

The reply I received from Sodexo was not what I was expecting. They informed me that they will employ me without any need to look at my resume.

I was being offered a lucrative FIFO job, by one of the largest companies in the world, and they did not even want to look at my CV? They were not going to interview me, yet they were ready to employ me right there and then? Really?

What kind of a fool did they think I was?

Of course, I knew exactly what was going on. And I was determined not to become just another statistic.

Dr David Russell Weisz
Dr David Russell Weisz